4 Stupid Mistakes that didn’t allow me to monetize my mom blog

Are you someone like me who is worried about how to take your blog further and make real money out of it? 

I can hear you! Yes, Yes..  This is my new blogging website. But before this, I have been blogging for over a year as booknkids.home.blog, where I got incredible experience and so many takeaways.

I have been blogging for over a year, but have literally earned just 545 Rupees from it. 

I felt like I didn’t have the blogging thing in me. But, very recently did I realize, how lame was I. – You would too after you read the very first point 😅. 

Figuring out that these are the hurdles that are stopping me from monetizing my blog and gathering up the courage to do it the right way all over again – was all I needed to start this new renewed website. 

Never do these stupid silly mistakes, if ever you think to monetize your blog.

Coffee mug, and laptop

Not having a self-hosted website

Ok! You got me 😑.

A year and a half back, I was that stupid to open a free WordPress blog and put my hardcore efforts in it – hoping to make at least a minuscule amount of money out of the blog. 

Of course, it was a great experience for me to experiment with website handling and blogging.

But, its actually a no-brainer that, Dude… You CANNOT make money from a free blog. Period. 

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Not Narrowing Down my Niche

On this point, I would pat on my back that at least I was clever enough to choose my Niche as Parenting. 

But wait.. there comes my issue – not narrowing down on what to talk about in a very vaaaast topic of Parenting. 

I have written about a storybook I read first as a child, minimalism and so on which is not at all relevant to the niche I chose. Hence, my efforts were actually getting diluted in the leaky bucket.

The main reason for this was, I felt like I want to share everything and anything – which is not at all going to work on this space! 

I realized, how my contents are spread here and there and leading my readers to nowhere.. Until I started to see light by analyzing my strength and expertise.

I then finalized on the key idea of my blog as – to make a MOM’s life easier both mentally and financially.

Did you note, how I narrowed down my niche? I basically used a narrow target persona here… 

Thus, I arrived at the subsets of ‘Parenting’ – 

  • Mindful Parenting
  • Happy Meal Times with kids
  • Work From Home Moms

So, here any regular mom who wants to be peaceful while parenting may find all these 3 topics useful. 

Takeaway – Choose your Niche and narrow down to 2 or 3 subsets of it.

Not sure how to choose your Niche? Check out this FREE workbook on how to choose your Niche by BloggingMadeEasier

Not Investing to learn

Ok.. I still do that sometimes. I have stumbled into endless free ebooks, courses, and many many more to learn about profitable blogging which leads me to only one situation – overload of information which is in bits and pieces like a puzzle. But the main piece would always seem missing.

I was new to this and I really couldn’t solve the puzzle on my own. I even felt like a failure when I almost quit blogging (and all these with a free blog 😁). But later, I took a large step in investing on a few blogging courses, ebooks, and workshops which gave me the confidence to get a self-hosted blog and start my blogging journey officially.

Only then, I searched and searched a lot about many resources on blogging which led me to an ebook – Complete Beginner’s Guide to SEO by Neha’s BloggingMadeEasier (Affiliate Link)

I felt the light of hope after this book which was followed by so many effective sessions and support groups that is helping me through this blogging journey.

So, never hesitate to invest in learning what you really love. But, make sure you read as many reviews as possible before investing a good amount on courses. 

Lack of any actionable plan 

Be it a blog or a simple Instagram profile, if you aim to monetize it, consistency and proper planning is a MUST… 

Procrastination is the ultimate killer of your productivity. Deal with it by creating to-do lists and acting according to it. Make sure to keep the list precise and more specific. 

Without any plans or task lists, our mind tends to get overloaded with ideas. Eventually, we forget some and postpone some, which is not desirable for a money-making blogging journey.

So, what should we do instead?

Note down all that pops up in your mind. Clear it off your brain. 

When I think of listing down your tasks, I always remember this line said by ShailajaV mam in her productivity tips – 

Reduce the ‘remembering’ task for your brain and give it more space for ‘execution’ tasks.

(Well.. Not exactly these lines. But I remember it this way!)

But, how to prepare a task list? 

There are many ways to do it. Do it the way that interests you the most. Some love to jot down on mobile notes, while few love maintaining DIY bullet journals. 

Just a simple pen and paper would do too!! 

But, I personally use the productivity app, Trello, to track my to-do and dump my ideas. 

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Summing it up…

Overall, these are the biggest mistakes I have been doing all along my mini blogging journey. If you are serious about BLOGGING and wish to monetize your blog, then try avoiding these mistakes and direct your efforts on more effective things.

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