9 Reasons Why I Chose Freelance Writing as a Mom

Ever found yourself yearning for financial freedom while navigating the beautiful chaos of motherhood? I hear you. 

As a fellow mom who’s been in the same shoes, I get the late-night pondering on finding that perfect balance. 

In this whirlwind of parenting, the dream of working from home becomes a lifeline. The craving for flexibility and the yearning for financial independence echo in the quiet moments.

Fortunately, freelance writing became my silent ally in this journey. 

In this blog post, let’s unravel the reasons why I chose freelance writing as a mom and why you can too. 

If you’re ready to explore how to make those work-from-home dreams a reality, stick around. We’re in this together.

9 Reasons Why I Chose Freelance Writing As A Mom

Reason 1: Flexibility and freedom

One of the biggest struggles moms face is the constant juggle – being there for your little ones whenever they need while silently yearning for a sense of freedom. 

And let’s be real, the importance of flexibility and freedom can’t be overstated. They are the key to reclaiming a piece of your sanity in the beautiful chaos of motherhood.

And guess what, freelance writing easily offers this sense of flexibility and freedom to moms. Here are some ways how:

Control Over Schedule

Having control over your schedule isn’t just about fitting in work; it’s about finding a way to smoothly manage work with family life. As a mom, being the maestro of your time means no more battles between meetings and school pickups. 

Freelance writing gives you the power to mold your day according to the rhythm of your family’s needs.

Choosing When to Work

With freelance writing, I found the joy of choosing when to work. Whether it’s during naptime, school hours, or a quiet evening, the freedom to decide aligns your work with the ebb and flow of family life. 

It’s about reclaiming moments that matter without compromising on productivity.

When I dived into freelance writing, my newborn was just 45 days old. Yearning for more than mom duties, I craved freedom without leaving my tiny one. Freelance writing was the answer. I picked projects fitting our routine, working on my terms. No fixed hours, just top-notch results on my clock – that’s the freelance writer mom’s life! 

Reason 2: Balancing Tasks and Prioritizing

In the chaos of mom life, balancing tasks is an art. You need to align work with your child’s activities, seamlessly blending the two worlds of work and family.

Freelance writing lets you be the director of your daily drama. You can plan tasks around your child’s schedule – work during naps, focus on complex projects when they’re engrossed elsewhere.

Here are some tips on how you can effectively prioritize and balance tasks.

Chunk It Down

Break tasks into manageable chunks. For example, I divide my blog post writing task into research, multiple small writing phases, and an editing phase, fitting them into my personal schedule.

Time Slot Magic

Assign specific tasks to different times of the day. I plan tasks like simple meal prep when my child is awake, conduct research during solo playtime, and maximize productivity.

Nap-Time Productivity

Reserve deep-focus tasks for nap times. During those quiet moments, I tackle tasks that require concentration, like finalizing edits or responding to important emails.

Delegate When Possible

If someone’s around, delegate tasks for uninterrupted work. When my husband is at home, I let him babysit and complete the pending house chores or work based on my needs.

Reason 3: Working from anywhere, with any device

Freelance writing opens the door to boundless possibilities, letting you work from anywhere, with any device. 

Stuck in a grocery line? Maybe you can use this chunk of time to craft your masterpiece paragraph for an article.

Working with Mobile Phone

With freelance writing, your mobile becomes a powerhouse. I often brainstorm ideas, outline articles, and even do quick edits on my phone. It’s a game-changer for spontaneous bursts of creativity.

Working on a Family Trip

Vacation doesn’t mean work cessation. I’ve penned pieces from scenic spots, making the most of downtime while my family explores. It’s the flexibility to create, even on the go if there is a need.

Working During Play Dates

Ever found yourself with idle moments during play dates? Freelance writing lets me utilize those pockets of time, responding to emails or jotting down ideas. It’s the art of weaving work seamlessly into the tapestry of mom life.

Reason 4: Earning from Home Comfortably

For most moms, home is their comfort zone. With freelance writing, you can turn your home into a cozy office, offering the unique joy of earning in the heart of your sanctuary. 

Freedom from Commuting

You can bid farewell to stressful commutes and welcome the peace of working in your pajamas. No traffic, no rush – just you, your laptop, the comfort of home, and of course, your kids in your view.

Being Present for Your Kids

I still remember the day when my 2-year-old kid was sick and wanted to be held all day. I also had an urgent task to be completed before noon. 

Had I not been a freelance writer, the story may be different. However, as a freelance writer, I found solace in completing urgent tasks with my child in hand.

And this is what I call the freedom to be present for them while still excelling in your career.

Reason 5: Financial Independence without Leaving the Kids

Freelance writing is the gateway to financial autonomy while being the constant for your kids.

Even with a safety net of savings and family support, the desire for financial independence lingered. It’s not about luxury; it’s about the freedom to buy small joys, like little toys or books, for my child whenever I wish – a sentiment that fills my heart.

Emotional Benefits

Working from home means being present for every milestone, a front-row seat to your child’s growth. It’s the emotional richness that comes from balancing both worlds seamlessly.

Practical Benefits

Financial independence grants you the power to make decisions without compromise. It’s the ability to contribute, however modest, to your family’s well-being.

Reason 6: No Need to Seek Help from Others

As someone who hates to ASK for help from others, even from family members, to help me when I work, being at home working when I can is such a blessing.

Freelance writing empowers moms with self-sufficiency. 

Working from home eliminates the need for constant external support, enabling seamless childcare management while ensuring professional growth. 

The flexibility to handle both roles independently adds a sense of accomplishment to the everyday mom hustle.

Here are some things I do to ensure self-sufficiency.

  • Set Clear Boundaries: Define work hours to avoid overcommitting.
  • Prioritize Efficiently: Focus on high-priority tasks for a balanced workload.
  • Create a Dedicated Workspace: Establish a conducive work environment at home.
  • Embrace Time Management Tools: Leverage apps to enhance productivity without external assistance.

Reason 7: Prioritizing Passion and Planning Around It

For moms, prioritizing passion is like discovering a little haven in the daily whirlwind—a place to find joy amid the chaos. 

It can add a sprinkle of happiness to the to-do list. Enter freelance writing, the magical realm where moms can shape their work around what truly lights them up.

Choosing What You Love

In the freelance writing world, moms get to pick projects that match their interests. It’s like having a menu where you only order what you absolutely love—making work feel less like a chore and more like a delightful journey.

Making Work Personal

Here, moms can weave their interests into the tasks. 

Whether it’s writing about topics close to their hearts or creating content that genuinely connects, freelance writing transforms work into a space where passion thrives. 

Reason 8: Working During Kids’ Sleep or School Hours

Kids’ sleep or school hours are like personal pockets of time for moms. It’s when the house finds calm, and we get a chance to breathe. 

Enter freelance writing, a career that turns these quiet hours into gold mines of productivity.

You can plan chunks of work during this time and complete tasks accordingly.

Reason 9: Diverse Opportunities

Freelance writing is akin to a vast, unexplored terrain, offering an abundance of opportunities for moms seeking a dynamic and fulfilling career path. 

It’s not a one-size-fits-all journey; rather, it’s a playground with various niches, each presenting its unique challenges and joys.

Here are some areas you can try:


Moms who love telling stories can write blogs. It’s like having your own space to share thoughts and stories with people from all over the world.

Content Creation

In freelance writing, moms can create all sorts of content – interesting articles, helpful guides, or fun scripts. It’s like being a word artist, shaping ideas with your writing.


For moms who are good at convincing people, copywriting is perfect. It’s about creating words that make people want to buy or try something.


If you’re the type who notices small details, editing is a great fit. It’s like polishing and perfecting words to make them clear and smooth.

Freelance writing is a big world where moms can find the kind of writing that makes them happy and satisfied. 

Challenges Faced in the Freelance Writing World

Navigating the freelance writing world as a mom comes with its unique set of challenges, but fear not, for every hurdle has a solution.

Here are a few such challenges I faced and how I overcame it.

Finding Mom-Friendly Jobs

One big challenge is finding jobs that fit mom life. Sometimes, the tasks may not match our family schedule, making it tricky to balance work and family time.

The trick is to tailor job searches. Look for gigs that allow flexible hours or part-time commitments. It’s like finding puzzle pieces that perfectly fit your mom routine.

Scheduling Struggles

Managing tight deadlines amid school pickups and family activities can be stressful, akin to juggling many balls at once.

Creating a visual calendar helps! Highlight your family’s busy times and find work slots in between. It’s like becoming the boss of your time.

Workload Worries

There can be times when the workload can feel overwhelming, leaving moms juggling between tasks and kids.

Prioritize tasks based on urgency. It’s like organizing your to-do list, focusing on what needs attention first. Remember, it’s okay to hit pause when needed.

Overcoming these challenges is like mastering a new game – it takes practice, patience, and a bit of strategy.

Practical Tips for Moms Venturing into Freelance Writing

Freelance writing can be a game-changer for moms, but not all jobs offer the desired flexibility. 

Finding the right match is key to unlocking the benefits mentioned above. 

Here are some effective tips to ace the game of a comfortable freelance writing career:

  • Passion-Driven Pursuit: Seek projects aligned with your interests; it’s the secret sauce for an enjoyable freelance journey.
  • Scout for Flexibility: Look for gigs offering flexible hours; this ensures work harmonizes with your mom duties.
  • Build a Portfolio that Stands Out: Showcase your best work to make a lasting impression on potential clients.
  • Network and Connect: Engage with other freelancers and potential clients; building relationships open doors.
  • Continuous Learning: Stay updated on industry trends and upgrade your skills for a competitive edge.
  • Clear Communication: Establish clear communication with clients; it’s the cornerstone of successful freelancing.
  • Set Realistic Goals: Define achievable goals, balancing work and family commitments realistically.
  • Effective Time Management: Master the art of time management. Prioritize tasks for a smooth workflow.
  • Diversify Skills: Explore different writing styles and genres; versatility expands job opportunities.
  • Self-Care Matters: Prioritize self-care amidst freelancing. A well-balanced mom is a successful freelancer.

To sum it up,

In the world of freelance writing, moms can find a treasure trove of opportunities, balance work with family, and turn their passions into a fulfilling career. 

From the joy of flexible schedules to the magic of working during kids’ sleep, freelance writing offers a unique journey for every mom. 

So, to all the amazing moms considering this path, remember: freelance writing isn’t just a job; it’s a chance to craft your own story. 

Embrace the flexibility, find your passion, and step into a world where being a dedicated mom and a successful freelancer go hand in hand.