Freelancing for Moms – A complete guide to Freelance jobs for stay at home moms

Mom’s life is intimidating. From home responsibilities to financial obligations, everything may seem to fall upon us, no matter how supporting our family is. 

Not all women have the privilege or facility to handle 9 to 5 jobs having little kids to take care. This is where a need arises for most moms to work from home at least for personal mental sanity.

Here the big question arises, what are the best jobs for stay at home moms? From tutoring to starting a mini business, there are various ways to earn from the comfort of our home. It’s all about you finding your strength and working according to it.

Know more about various reliable stay at home mom jobs here.

Of all, freelancing can be one of the foolproof ways to earn instantly from home without much investment. You sell your skill and earn from it.

What is Freelancing?

Freelancer is someone who works on his own terms without being a part of any organisation. 

For instance, say you are a website designer. You are an employee if you work as a website designer in ABC firm. In case, you prefer to offer your website designing services directly to clients on your own, then you become a freelancer. 

Precisely, freelancers are self-employed. 

Benefits of Freelancing 

There are various benefits for opting to work as a freelancer, some include:

  • Extreme flexibility – Depending on your plans and financial needs, you can do your work – part-time or full-time.
  • No monetary investment – Your only investment is your skills. Some freelance works may involve investing for basic accessories which are usually considered a minimal or one-time investment.
  • Decision making in your hands – You can choose the type of work that interests you.

Cons of Freelancing

As much as the benefits, freelancing also has its own disadvantages.

  • The workload can be fluctuating
  • Complete management of work is in your hands
  • Handling multiple clients may become tedious
  • Need to gain considerable experience to get paid well
  • BEWARE of frauds out there who ask for initial payments or get the work out of you and abscond without any trace. Make sure to get work through a reliable person and check for reviews and previous testimonials before accepting any form of work.
A Mom working at home with a laptop

Flexible Work From Home Jobs as a Freelancer

Here is a list of few flexible freelance jobs for stay at home moms which can easily be fitted in with your daily mom routine.

Freelance Transcriber

Having good typing skills? Good at grammar & punctuations? 

Then you got this! 

A transcriber manually converts audio files to text files. Usually, you can sign up on many platforms exclusively available for transcription or even on general freelancing sites and choose from a variety of projects available depending on your capacity and time limit. 

Squeeze in your transcribing work in between your cooking time and playtime with your kids and make a good income out of it.

Few platforms with good user reviews include

Freelance Graphic Designer

Graphic designing is one job that requires just a computer! (And yeah…  your brain with all sorts of creative neurons)

Graphic designing includes website designing, illustrations designing, magazine art creation, t-shirt designing and so on. If you feel you excel in anything related to graphic designing, try your luck on this.

Usually, graphic designing involves expertise in one or more tools like 

  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Procreate
  • Canva
  • DesignWizard

#Tip – Being as specific as possible about the service you offer can fetch you more efficient jobs.

Websites that offer graphic designing jobs for freelancers are –

Freelance Web designer

I thought I should emphasize this profession because of its huge demand and high paying nature. 

Though the terms, web design and web development, are used interchangeably, web design is basically a subset of web development. 

Web designing includes everything from web page layout designing to graphic designing depending on the client requirements.  

The best part is that website is something everyone is using – from small businesses to large scale industries. So, it is not very tough to find work in this area. 

Most people are focused on their real business operations, which makes it impossible for them to handle the website setup process from scratch. Hence, you can easily find works in this area provided your work is up to the mark and you have good marketing ability during the initial stages.

#Tip – As a web designer, you can find an opportunity for working by going through small business sites. Find the ones that seem to be non-competitive enough. You can directly pitch to the concerned people stating why their website is not effective and how you can improve it. 

Want more such work proposal tips? Leave me a comment and will make a post soonish! 

Freelance Writer

Oh my… 

Did I just start this topic.. Anyone who knows me will understand how I am just too over enthusiastic about this topic – freelance writing. 

Such a sweet profession it is. How I always wish that I should have known it during my college days or at least during my pregnancy.

Phew.. Such a competitive yet opportunity-filled field you can ever work in. 

Cutting to the chase – The freelance writer is one who writes independently for clients without any long-term tie-up with any firm. 

For Eg. I am a freelance writer who works for multiple clients on a contract basis. My contract can be anything from giving obligations to write a certain number of articles per day or a fixed amount of various writing works depending on the client needs and my personal bandwidth.

The nicest part about choosing writing freelance jobs for stay at home moms is that you can easily attend to your clingy baby by taking a day off whenever needed, provided you manage to cope up with your commitments in some way.

But, what do Freelance Writers do?

Well… that’s a vast topic to cover. But still, let me give an overview of it.

Freelance writers write! Simple isn’t it? But, it’s not..

The tricky part is what do they write? 

Freelance writers write anything ranging from basic one line captions to page long poetry. Here are a few types of content, a freelance writer can write. 

  • Article Writing – for blogs, magazines, websites and so on
  • Website content writing – Writing contents for websites from blogs to simple captions
  • Copywriting – The interesting and toughest subset of writing! Writing copies (in simple words, content) that acts as a trigger to some sales
  • Press release writing
  • Academic writing
  • Research papers writing
  • Business writing – Legal documents and other business-related paper writings
  • Ebook writing
  • Story writing

You can choose the best from such a wide range of services a writer can offer depending on your skillset and interests.

Of these, I offer Article Writing, Website Content Writing & Copywriting services. 

There are various websites that exclusively offer writing services to their clients. They hire freelancers on contract basis. So, you can trying finding writing jobs from these sites. 

Such sites include 

Freelance Proofreader or Editor

The job of an editor may seem like an easy one until you try it out. 

An editor or a proofreader goes through a written piece of content and makes changes to it according to the customer requirement. Their work includes everything from grammar editing to formatting.

You can even join hands with some other individual freelance writers and offer your service complementing their work.

Freelance Photographer

Does that seem a distant reality? 

Photography is not just about the professional wedding shooting and wildlife capturing, it has more than that.

Have you come across premium photos in tools like canva, Flickr, and so on or those great looking photos on your google search that mentions ‘Not to be reused & are subjected to copyright policy’. They are called stock photos – ones that are not free for everyone to use. 

(If you are not aware of such things, BEWARE! Make sure to check if the photo you are trying to use is ‘allowed to reuse’, else the owner has all the rights to sue you. 

Know how to filter only free images on google search here… )

Coming to the point – apart from the free images, other images need to be paid for before using. There are various websites that sell stock photos like Flickr, Stock Photos, iStock, Pixabay and many. 

Just visit their sites and have a look at the type and category of photos that are sold there. If you think you are an amazing photographer in any or many of those categories, go ahead. Shoot it & Sell it! 

Freelance Digital Marketer

A digital marketer is someone who handles marketing on the digital space. 


Okay… I hear your mind voice. Let me tell you more.

A digital marketer creates and implements marketing strategies for companies or brands on the internet. Digital marketing works include 

  • Social media marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Mobile marketing
  • Search engine marketing

and many more.

You can find such jobs by approaching directly to brands and businesses or on usual freelancing sites. 

Best freelance websites for beginners

Here are a few reliable websites for finding freelance jobs for stay at home moms. These websites offer a platform for freelancers and clients to connect and work together.

  • Upwork (The best one among all)

And one other platform which is known for finding all kind of reliable jobs is LinkedIn.

Summing it up…

As a stay at home mom, you don’t actually have to just dream about financially independent. There are so many options that may suit you to earn with ease. Although everything needs effort from your side, choosing the right freelance mom jobs that matches your mommy schedules and also interests you can be more energising.

Not sure how to choose the right freelance jobs for stay at home moms? 

Drop in your queries in the comments section. We can have a beginner chit chat about freelancing! 


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