Hi, I’m Divya. I’m the messy mom behind Yunik Little Kids.

I am a stay-at-home mom passionate about exploring parenting, kid-friendly recipes, and books for little ones.

Parenting is unpredictable. We may have all the perfect parenting principles to follow to be that ideal parent anyone could dream of. But, it is not always practically possible. Still, you don’t have to be guilty over your mistakes.

I have been that ‘New Millenial Mom’ who wanted to parent my child in the best way possible. I tried all things new and natural – Cloth Diapering, Baby Wearing, Baby Led Weaning, Montessori Parenting, whatnot. But, even with all these, I found myself lagging at some point. 

That is when I found a way to be a better version of myself.

By Sharing!

Yes, I experienced that renewed energy in me by sharing what I learn, explore, and inculcate to people out there.

And this brought me to the conception of this blog – Yunik Little Kids!

Yunik Little Kids is a space where we can share and learn together about parenting approaches, some easy peasy kid-friendly recipes, and kids learning.

Why Wait? Come, let’s Explore Parenting!

What I Offer?

First Off: I consider this space solely to share about Parenting | Kid-friendly Recipes | Kids Books.

If you are still wondering who I am and what I offer professionally. Then, here a peek into my professional front.

Having worked as an IT professional for quite a number of years, I felt left out being passive at home after a baby. Just then I started sharing my parenting journey on Instagram. That is when I found my dream career with the right blend of the two things I love – Parenting & Writing – as a Freelance Content Writer in Parenting Niche.

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