Homemade Bubble Solution

Gear up to make DIY Bubble Solution at home and surprise your kids with this simple yet engaging fun activity and a strong dose of science behind the soap bubbles. Read on to know how to make bubbles that last long using this homemade bubble solution. 

Soap Bubbles is a fascinating thing for everyone from kids to adults (at least for me 🤪). I would dare say it is one of the best mindful exercise you can ever have with ease and fun involved. 

It’s not rare that we get tempted to buy soap bubble kits from stores which are far more expensive than it should have been but still enjoy the effect. 

But what if we can easily make that solution at home

I can hear you 🤨… 

‘How to make bubble solution at home that lasts long?’

Simple! It actually takes more than water and soap

In this Article, I would be sharing 2 recipes to make homemade bubble solution with just the ingredients you have at your kitchen. 

Before that! 

Here is a quick question for you 👉🏼.. Yes YOU! 

How does a soap bubble fly so high? 

What is the science behind soap bubbles?

No.. I am not asking you this. If you have kids in the stage of exploring, they may ask you. And you wouldn’t want to check google at that time to understand how soap bubbles work and then explain.

So, here is a brief about it to make your work easier.

Science behind Soap Bubbles  

Let me break the bubble first. It really is fascinating to read about the facts behind every aspect of bubbles. 

Yeah… Soap Bubbles can be an exciting way of letting your kids get involved in science by explaining how soap bubbles actually work! 

Note – Here, I would be sharing some in depth ideas too. But, remember not to stuff so much information on kids. Explain only age appropriate concepts that your kid could comprehend.

A bubble

Anatomy of soap bubbles

A bubble is usually a thin film of soap water filler with air. 

As in a soap bubble blower, you dip the bubble wand in soap water, which sticks to it forming a thin film on the wand. You blow the air on the film, making it stretch (Note – Elasticity in play here!) to various shapes until it attains its maximum and gets detached from the wand. Now the part where you blew the air is sealed.

A bubble, as said, is a spherical soap film with air trapped in. 

This film itself (I mean the spherical film which wraps the air) is made of three layers – outer soap film layer, inner soap film layer and a middle layer which is actually water molecules. Say, these water molecules are sandwiched between two soapy layers.

Why bubbles are always spherical?

The elasticity of the soapy film allows the bubble to stretch to different sizes and shapes while whooshing it with air in your wand or a straw- whatever you have chosen to blow! 

But, when it gets detached from the wand, it instantly becomes round. Why? 

When you are blowing air into the bubble –

The molecules of the air trapped inside the bubble would be spread out here and there. The bubble forms many funky shapes as you blow. It is because, as you blow, the pressure from the inside is higher than the pressure from the outside. So it stretches in areas with more pressure.

Once you stop blowing air – 

The bubbles detach from the bubble wand. The tension outside the film surface increases than that on the inside. So this makes the bubbles to compress to the smallest size possible that could hold the volume of air inside it resulting in a spherical shape.

Because, the sphere has the smallest volume compared to other shapes. 

Why do bubbles pop by itself?

You whoosh the bubbles, your kids pop it with hands or it strikes some surface and pops. But, are those the only times they pop? Don’t they pop on their own too? But, why?

Here is the reason –

As said earlier, the bubble has 3 layers – a water molecules layer sandwiched between two soapy layers. When the bubble starts to fly, this water molecules will evaporate in some time. Eventually, the bubble becomes unstable and POP it goes 👻.

This is why, bubbles last longer in colder weather than in hotter ones. 

Well, was that interesting?

I hope it is! 

Let’s get into the question – how to make bubble solution at home.

A kid blowing bubbles with homemade bubble solution

Homemade Bubble Solution Recipe 

All set to make this DIY bubble solution to have whooshing fun with your kids by blowing flocks of bubbles that can last long?  

Here, let me share 2 recipes for Homemade Bubble Solution using soap. Plus! You will also have a bonus Giant Bubble Recipe at the end. Let’s go and make some homemade fun.

DIY BUBBLE Recipe #1 

With Corn Syrup –

  • Water – 1 Cup
  • Soap liquid – 5 Tablespoon (We used Dettol Handwash Liquid)
  • Corn Starch – 3 Tablespoon

This soap bubble solution will give bubbles that last long and fly really high. 

DIY BUBBLE Recipe #2

With Sugar –

  • Water – 1 Cup
  • Soap liquid – 5 Tablespoon (We used Dettol Handwash Liquid)
  • Sugar – 2 Tablespoon

Mix and stir all the ingredients in a bowl. Do Not forget to let the solution set for one hour or more. 

You can use the solution to blow your bubbles after the settling time and enjoy how the strong bubbles fly high 🤩.

The sugar in the solution helps the water molecules to stick longer in the bubble delaying evaporation. This eventually produces bubbles that last long. 

Bonus Recipe 

The Giant Bubble Recipe

  • Water – 3 Cups 
  • Liquid soap – ¼ Cup
  • Corn Starch – ¼ Cup
  • Baking Powder – 2 Teaspoon
  • Glycerin – 2 Teaspoon

Mix well to dissolve all the ingredients. 

Baking powder and glycerin are said to make the bubbles more elastic.  

If possible, try using distilled water instead of normal water. 

Allow them to sit for an hour before blowing bubbles.

And you know what, with this DIY bubbles solution, you can easily use a common cooker gasket or make a diy bubble wand using strings for whoosing giant bubbles.

You can even also gently wave it and make the wind do the blowing job for you producing beautiful Giant bubbles.

My baby was really amazed by these bubbles, the colors it forms and the way it flies. Though she still isn’t in the stage to verbally ask questions about it, I am quite prepared for that ‘Why?’ storm to strike 😅.

Hope your kid enjoys it too 🤩.

Do comment if it came out well and let us know any feedback on the same.

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