38 Keepsake Mother’s Day Activities for Kids to Spark Joy

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and you’re probably brainstorming ways to make it a truly special day filled with love and laughter. 

But with busy schedules and little ones full of energy, it can be tough to come up with creative ideas. Worry not, mamas! 

kid giving gift to mom for mother's day

This incredible list of 38 heartwarming Mother’s Day activities is your one-stop shop for sparking joy, unleashing creativity, and making memories that will last a lifetime.

Plus these can be wonderful gifts that kids can make from scratch bringing them extreme joy.

Mother’s Day Crafts for Kids

Handmade card crafting

Handmade cards are always fun to make, give and receive. Why not let your kids experience the magic of handmade card crafting this Mother’s Day? 

Get endless Mother’s Day card crafting ideas over here. 

kid crafting a mother's day card

You can also download this Mother’s Day handmade card printable for a fun handmade Mother’s Day card activity. 

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Salt Dough Handprint Keepsake

Turn little hands into a lasting treasure! Create a sweet handprint keepsake made from air-drying salt dough.

See this Salt Dough Handprint Keepsake made by Cook Craft Love

DIY Painted Flower Pots

Unleash your creativity and personalize plain flower pots with vibrant colors and patterns! Transform them into beautiful planters for Mom’s favorite blooms.

kid painting flower pot

See Mornings on Macedonia’s DIY Flower pot ideas

Paper Bag Puppet Show for Mom

Stage a heartwarming performance! Craft lovely puppets from paper bags and put on a delightful show just for Mom.

puppets made by kids for a puppet show for mom

Check out this Paper bag puppets made by Crafts on Sea for ideas

Photo Frame Decoration

Give a cherished photo a special touch! Decorate a plain frame with buttons, shells, or other embellishments for a one-of-a-kind gift for Mom.

This one from Creative Khadija can give you an idea of how to do photo frame decoration as a Mother’s day activity with kids.

Make Mom a Beaded Bracelet

How about stringing together love and colorful beads? You can design a personalized bracelet that your Mom will treasure.

Jese James Beads shows you how here.

Design a Mom-Themed Mobile

You can craft a mobile filled with love! Use photos, drawings, or heartfelt messages to create a personalized mobile that celebrates the special moments you share with Mom. This tutorial on making a mobile can be a great guide to help you do the mom-themed mobile. Just tweak it to make it mom-themed.

Know how with Science Buddies 

Build a Tissue Paper Flower Bouquet

Craft a stunning bouquet of flowers for Mom using just colorful tissue paper and a little creativity. This easy and affordable project is a thoughtful and cheerful gift.

Here is a tutorial from ‘My Baba’

Hand-Painted Coasters for Mom

Add a touch of personalization to Mom’s coffee table with hand-painted coasters. This creative project allows you to express yourself and create a functional gift Mom will use every day.

Check out the tutorial from Dwelling in Happiness

DIY Spa Kit with Bath Bombs or Sugar Scrubs

This activity allows children to create bath bombs or sugar scrubs using natural ingredients. Packaged together, they become a thoughtful gift for Mom, promoting relaxation and a touch of pampering.

6 Homemade DIY scrubs from Online Labels can help you with this activity for Mother’s day with kids.

Yarn-Wrapped Heart Decoration

Transform simple cardboard into a heartfelt decoration for Mom. This easy craft uses colorful yarn to create a charming heart-shaped ornament, perfect for displaying Mom’s special place.

Tutorial by Ilene Payne can help

Design a “Reasons I Love Mom” Poster

How about a lovely idea to express love creatively? 

This activity lets children design a poster filled with reasons why they love Mom. 

You can use this printable ‘Reasons I Love You Mom’ Mother’s Day card for kids or simply start with a piece of paper.

With markers and a touch of creativity, kids can craft a personalized and cherished gift that celebrates their unique bond with Mom.

‘Reasons I love Mom’ Poster templates can be a great place to start.

My daughter did this for me. And I literally cannot get enough of this.

She is just starting to learn to write words.

And I am secretly admiring her phonics skills as well.

For eg. That ‘toc’ 4th line is nothing but ‘talk’!

12 Homemade Gifts for Mom

Coupon Book for Chores or Mom’s Favorite Activities

How about letting Mom relax and unwind? 

This activity allows kids to create coupons offering to help with chores or complete activities Mom enjoys, like reading or taking a walk. It’s a thoughtful and practical gift that shows Mom you care.

Here are some great templates from Kristi of I should be mopping the floor and 100 directions

Homemade Bath Salts or Sugar Scrubs in a Jar

Try pampering Mom with a touch of luxury.

Mix natural ingredients like Epsom salts, essential oils, and sugar to create a relaxing bath soak or invigorating scrub.  

This Scrub making instructions from Brittany Stager are easy to follow.

Hand-Painted Teacup or Mug

How about turning a plain mug into a masterpiece? 

Kids can unleash their creativity with paints and markers to design a unique teacup or mug Mom will love to use every day.  

See Hand-Painted Teacup or Mug by Our Kid Things for the simplest DIY mug painting even a tiny toddler can do.

DIY Seed Packets with Personalized Messages

Got a gardening-loving momma? Why not grow love from the ground up? 

Decorate plain seed packets with colorful drawings and heartfelt messages, then fill them with Mom’s favorite seeds for a thoughtful and sustainable gift. 

You can use our seed packet template to make the seed packets for your mom with ease.

Weave a Mom-Themed Potholde

Craft a gift that’s both practical and adorable!  Weaving with colorful yarn allows kids to create a unique potholder Mom will appreciate in the kitchen.  

See about weaving a potholder from Margie Duffy.

DIY Bath Bombs or Bath Fizzes

Fizz, fizz, hooray!  

Let kids create fizzy bath bombs or bath salts using natural ingredients like baking soda and citric acid. Packaged beautifully, they become a delightful spa experience for Mom. 

See DIY Bath Bombs by My Weathered Home.

Plant a Seedling in a Decorated Pot

What is more special than a gift of life? 

Help your child decorate a plain pot and plant a small seedling for Mom to nurture. Watching it grow together becomes a symbol of their love.

Design a Personalized Phone Case for Mom

Technology is not always bad. You can even express love through technology.

Decorate a plain phone case with stickers, paint, or fabric for a unique and functional gift Mom will carry with her everywhere.

See how Daisy Multifacetica does it.

Mother’s Day Coloring Pages

Let’s get creative! Coloring is a timeless activity that’s fun for all ages. It’s a perfect way for kids of all ages to express themselves and create something special for Mom. 

Here are 10 Mother’s Day coloring pages that you can download to enjoy coloring with your family.

Download your Coloring Pages Now.

Mother's day coloring page

What is included?

  • Flowers and Butterflies Coloring Page
  • Mom and Child Coloring Page
  • Heart with Flowers Coloring Page
  • Happy Mother’s Day Coloring Page with Banner
  • Decorative Coloring Page with “Mom” Lettering
  • Floral Coloring Page with “I Love You, Mom” Lettering
  • Coloring Page with Mom’s Favorite Animal
  • Dog mom and puppy coloring page

Mother’s Day Coloring Card

Looking for a heartfelt and colorful way to celebrate Mom?  This printable Mother’s Day coloring card allows kids to unleash their creativity and create a personalized card Mom will treasure.  It’s a simple yet meaningful activity that lets kids express their love in a fun and artistic way.

Download your Mother’s Day coloring card now.

Mother’s Day Bingo

Give the classic BINGO game a Mother’s Day makeover with “Mother’s Day Bingo.” 

Kids can create their own cards or use printables featuring squares filled with things Mom says, activities she does, or classic Mother’s Day themes. 

It’s a simple yet engaging way for the whole family to spend quality time together and celebrate Mom on her special day.

This Free Mother’s Day Bingo printable with Blank templates is a great option.

Bingo game for mother's day

Mother’s Day Color by Number

If your kids love coloring activities with a twist, the color-by-number is a go-to option.

Mother’s Day Color by Number lets kids create a beautiful and personalized gift for Mom. 

These coloring pages feature fun and colorful designs paired with numbered sections. Kids simply match the colors to the numbers, revealing a delightful surprise for Mom to cherish.

These color-by-number Printables from The Best Ideas For Kids are what we love.

Mother’s Day Activities That Involve Writing

Express from the heart to the page. 

This Mother’s Day, let your little ones express their love and appreciation with heartfelt activities that involve writing. 

Whether it’s a sweet letter, a silly poem, or a creative “Reasons I Love Mom” list, these activities are a wonderful way to create keepsakes Mom will cherish. 

Plus, with our adorable Mother’s Day stationery (link here!), kids will have beautiful paper to match their beautiful messages. Let’s get creative and make Mom’s Day extra special!

Write a heartfelt letter

Encourage kids to express their love and appreciation for Mom through a handwritten letter. This timeless activity allows kids to personalize their message and create a keepsake Mom will treasure for years to come.

Compose a silly poem

Let creativity flow with a Mother’s Day poem! This lighthearted activity allows kids of all ages to have fun with rhyming words and express their love for Mom in a unique way.

Create a “Reasons I Love Mom” list

This heartfelt activity is a simple yet powerful way for kids to show Mom their appreciation. Using paper or a decorated card, kids can write down all the reasons they love and admire their Mom.

You can take a look at our “Reasons I Love Mom” poster and use the template in it to write your list.

Write a “Coupon Book of Mom-Approved Activities”

Gift Mom the gift of relaxation! 

Kids can create coupons offering to help with chores or complete activities Mom enjoys, like reading or taking a walk. It’s a thoughtful and practical way to show Mom they care.

Interview Mom and write a Mother’s Day story

This activity combines writing with quality time! Kids can interview Mom about her childhood, favorite memories, or dreams. 

Then, they can write a short story based on the interview, creating a personalized and heartwarming gift.


With these heartwarming Mother’s Day activities for kids to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect way to celebrate Motherhood with kids and create lasting memories together. 

So, get ready to unleash your creativity, spread the love, and make Mom’s day truly special!

And don’t forget to check out our other blog posts for even more Mother’s Day inspiration, including free printable cards, delicious recipe ideas, and thoughtful gift suggestions!